Kitchen worktop without joints

Kitchen worktop without joints

The microcement makes it possible to cover the kitchen tops, obtaining work surfaces with a continuous effect, that is, without interruptions. The absence of joints gives an aesthetic effect with a very modern design. The continuity of the microcement promotes hygiene and a much simpler cleaning of the kitchen counter than for example tiles, which do not require special cleaning products handyman in Chattanooga.

Cover the kitchen counter and much more

You can make the kitchen top in concrete, but furthermore. Its enormous ductility enables the petition of various types of support without the need to remove the old surface. This applies to the kitchen top, but also to many other elements of the kitchen itself, creating pleasant combinations of color and effect, customized to project needs and personal taste. With the microcement coating you can cover the splash guard, walls, floors and even the entire kitchen. Microcement, unlike other materials (eg marble, granite or glass, etc.), is a very versatile material that allows you to rebuild the kitchen without altering it!They also have a perfect adhesion on materials and surfaces with little porousness such as kitchen and bathroom tiles.

Some examples of how microcement was applied in the kitchen

Rebuilding the kitchen with microcement is simple, fast and reduces the inconvenience of the work. In addition to the great versatility of microcement, it is possible to apply it in just 3 mm, on any type of pre-existing support and on any element of the kitchen. Microcement can cover the kitchen top, but also the entire worktop, the splash guard, the wall units, but also the walls and the floor. All by choosing from a wide range of colors, effects, textures, which can be customized according to the needs of the environment and personal taste.

Ideal Work applicators covered the entire kitchen block, creating a structure with a concrete effect that goes perfectly with the oak parquet.Microtopping microcement was also used on the hobs. It is waterproof and resists scratches and high temperatures. It is also a very practical solution: its continuous and seamless surface can be cleaned with a simple sponge.

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