Detect Breast Cancer’s Early Signs by Mammogram in Fair Lawn, NJ

Detect Breast Cancer’s Early Signs by Mammogram in Fair Lawn, NJ

When it comes to a mammogram, it can be in simple words described as a breast x-ray. For several women, mammograms are a perfect way for looking at early breast cancer. It is the period when it becomes easier for treating and also before it is big enough to result or feel symptoms. Generally, there are two kinds of mammograms, namely, diagnostic and screening mammograms. The risk of dying chiefly from breast cancer can be lower by having regular mammograms. At this time, a mammogram in Fair Lawn, NJ is the best way for looking at breast cancer for most screening-age women.

Way it’s done

  • When someone has a mammogram there is a need to stand in front of a machine x-ray. The person taking the x-rays mainly places the breast between two plates of plastics.
  • The plates press the breast and resulting in them being flat. This might be uncomfortable, but it aid to get a clear picture.
  • From the side and the front, both the breasts get x-rayed. A radiologist afterward will read the mammogram. For early breast cancer signs or other problems, the doctors look mainly at the x-ray.
  • Generally, the results get within a few weeks but it is majorly up to the medical office or clinic that a person went to. In case, the result fails to be normal, then a person should hear back earlier. Contact the office or provider from where the mammogram had been done, if within 30 days fail to receive the report.

If a mammogram is not normal

An abnormal or simply not normal mammograms fail to mean always that there is specific cancer. There is a requirement to have additional tests, exams, or mammograms before the provider can even tell for sure. A person might also be referred to a breast surgeon or specialist. Meanwhile, it fails to necessarily mean a person needs surgery.


It can be concluded that a mammogram in Fair Lawn, NJ is a picture of an x-ray of the breast. Health care providers chiefly use mammograms for looking at breast cancer’s early signs.

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