Privacy policy

Whatever services our company is providing to you all are subject to the privacy conditions. We offer many services and the entertainment that we make available for children. In that case you should have the right for the changing and correcting the information that are provided by you. There are certain controls that may be applicable such as

  • Updating, correction and the right for the deletion of the registration account is available.
  • Choice of opting the services that are provided to you can be chosen. This may include the promotions, activities and the offers provided by the company.
  • Offers and promotional activities can be send to you f you give the access to other companies that are linked to us.
  • Access to the personal information is available and you can also choose whether to amend or delete the same
  • Ads that are received from many other advertising networks can be chosen.

Access to all the above can be available if responded to the communication that is sending to you.

Please note that any of the services that we avail can be provided only if the personal data is provided by you. Our services will be accurate and perfect only if we receive your complete information.

Children are our prime customers. In that case protecting their privacy is our responsibility. In our website we are pertained with some of the features that are not meant for the children. So we never collect the personal information that is related to any of these features. Even if we collect any of the information from the children we will be alert in maintaining the privacy. Consent of the parents is collected in order to receive any kind of information from the children. Access is given for the parents so as to view and make necessary changes to the information that is gathered from the children. Children’s privacy policy is always taken care for the easy going of