GPS Wallet – A Watchman

These days when everything is becoming smart even our phones, then why not our wallet. Every day a new technology is being evolved and smart wallet is one of them. GPS wallet is a product which can be used as a safe guard for our, money, credit cards, debit cards etc. The wallet is connected to our smartphone through Bluetooth or any other similar app. In case of any loss of wallet, it is a very useful technology as it will track the wallet across the globe within a fraction of seconds. It is a smart gadget that connects to our smartphones and we can find our phone or wallet if they are far from each other. This gadget is designed basically for security purpose.

What is this GPS wallet?

GPS wallet is a new invention in the technological world that would add up in the increased security of our plastic money, cash or IDs. Our generation needs such products as it is as useful as networking these days.

GPS walletis a combination of high level technology and a simple product that is used in our day to day life style. A simple wallet is modified into a gadget using the Global Positioning System i.e, GPS technology being inbuilt in the wallet. When connected to our smart phones, it can easily track our wallets.

GPS Wallet

Let’s know how it works. Once the wallet is connected to the smartphones through bluetooth or any alike app as mentioned above it will start working. In case our smartphones and our wallet are at a distance, the phone will ring an alarm sound indicating that the wallet is far from the phone or the person carrying phone.


  • With a single click on the wallet button its location history can be saved in our smartphones.
  • Another advantage of the device is that it is less expensive and easily affordable for every section of the society.
  • It is a two way locator as if our wallet goes away from us, our smartphone will give an alarm sound and vice-versa too.
  • GPS walletis a chargeable device which can be charged through an electric cable being provided with it.


Our lost wallet can easily be located with this convenient technology. It is convenient because no specialefforts need to be made for using this gadget as it is handy and suited to our comfort. This device can be considered best for the security purpose as now our cards, cash or ID’s in the wallet will not be misplaced.